Thomas Kalak Photo Exhibition

Thomas Kalak Photo Exhibition

I checked out Thomas Kalaks photo exhibition this Friday and ran into some old buddies I hadn´t seen for a while – good time seeing these guys and talking about some fun stories.
Thomas was one of the best vert rollerskaters in the 80´s and early 90´s and also shot photos
for the Monster Skateboard Magazine.
He moved on to shoot a lot of comercial stuff in the 90´s and does mostly art projects nowadays.
This exhibition showed a recent project where he documented the work on archaeology sites.
For more info check out his website

Thomas (right) introducing his work and showing some examples from his book.


Markus Rüsenberg and Helge Tscharn talking art or skating



Hanging out with old buddies you haven´t seen for years is the best. Thomas Kalak, Markus König, Helge Tscharn, Bärty Bruns

… and having a good laugh about some fun stories.


Some pages from the Book:







See the exhibition here:

Thomas Kalak – Archäologie

Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp

Am Hawerkamp 31

48155 Münster

31.10.14 – 23.11.14

Sa. und So. 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr

und nach tel. Vereinbarung: 0179 – 5490066

A Day in Life of Photographer Bryce Kanights

Watch Part 1 to 5 of “A Day in Life of Photographer Bryce Kanights” by Nemo Entertainment.

Bryce Kanights- Part 1 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Part 2 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Part 3 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Bonus- Part 4 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Bonus- Part 5 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco

If you consider nuclear power to be save and clean check out Paul Fuscos story at the

Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco
On April 26, 1986, the greatest environmental catastrophe in history occurred at Chernobyl spreading a radioactive cloud over large parts of the former Soviet Union. In Chernobyl Legacy, Magnum photographer Paul Fusco recounts the human aftermath of the tragedy. See the project at

SERGEJ VUTUC Photography

Check out Sergej´s photography at his latest exhibition.
For more info read the presss elease below.

Untitled Stories by Sergej Vutuc
27. Juni 2008 – 25. Juli 2008

“I capture moments which are stories penetrating my eye via the view finder. With these I am travelling
through everyday life and the universe and with their help I communicate with my environment. Sometimes I find answers to personal questions, sometimes I am screaming at the world.”

Sergej Vutuc was born in 1979 in Doboj. He lived in Zagreb for 10 years, meanwhile he is living in Heilbronn. In the mid 90s he was an active member of the hardcore/punk scene as guitar player in the band “Five Minutes to Steve” and founder of the record label Get Off Records.
In the 21st century he traded the guitar for the camera. Since then his works have been shown in galleries and streets in various countries in Europa and America. His photo are published in several internation art and skateboard magazines. “No Skateboading Permitted” is Sergej’s book.

“Skateboard Series 1-3” was a skateboard theater performance in Heilbronn in which he participated as actor and co-director. Since 2005 his running the Basementizid.Kunst.Cellar, an art space in Heilbronn. Sergej is also part of “Art of Asfalt” project. | |
support by: carhartt

Superplan Gallery
Gärtnerstr. 33a | 10245 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 6337 4295
E: studio at superplan dot net

Opening hours:
Wed – Fri 2 – 8
Sat – Sun 2 – 6
Closed on Monday and Tuesdays
Also open on appointment

Photo exhibition

Go see this photo exhibition by Sergej Vutuc and Alberto Polo two great photographers.
Check the press release below for more info.

Press release:
the glorious tragedy of youth.jpg

basemenizid.kunst.cellar owner and art of asfalt member Sergej Vutuc and partner in crime Alberto Polo
show their photographic work at RAS Gallery in Barcelona…
GRAD OPENING at Fr. 30. May 2008

“Youth is Glory as much as it is Tragedy…The Glory of having your whole life in
front of you and the Tragedy of being inpatient; the Glory of having Energy and
Passion and the Tragedy of wasting it; The Glory of being Unconscious and the
Tragedy of being Untrained…
Life is Tragic as much as is Glorious… That’s what our exhibition it’s all
about; it’s about our Youth; it’s about Tragedy and Glory; it’s about
Skateboarding; it’s about Friendship; it’s about Love and Hate; it’s about
Sergej, it’s about Alberto and it’s about you; it’s all about Life.”

The exhibition is supported by Carhartt who will also hand out two exclusive
postcards showing images shot by Sergej on one and Alberto on the other.

Galeria RAS
C/Doctor Dou 10
08001 Barcelona/ Spain

Opening hours:
May 30th until June 20th only from 8pm

Warren Bolster Book Review

This book is not new but still more than worth checking out
and looks pretty nice on your coffee table.
There´s some great pictures from the 70´s era of skating including pools, parks, pipes, slalom etc.
So if you´re interested in some history about skateboarding and skate photography this is for you.
More info about Warren Bolster

Where to get the book? Click on image.

Warren Bolster Book

Photo: ©