R.I.P. Preston Maigetter

Preston Maigetter, probably better known as P-Stone to most, lost his life in a tragic car crash a few weeks ago and as he was filming all the rad skate action, he was behind the lens most of the time, although he was a all terrain shredder and it shows in the rare footage there is of him skating.
So we thought we´d show one of those rad shots of him skating that Lui Aundrup took.

And if you want to help out his family a little, here´s the link to his Go Fund Me site

Click here: www.gofundme.com/preston-maigetter-memorial-fund

I think it was fall/winter 2005 and we were checking some spots with Mallorca locals Tolo and Miki and Jose Noro and we met Preston at the Santa Ponsa ditch, I think he was the only one skating, so I took a couple pics, a bonelless and an ollie.
After the session we had some beers and shared some stories – good times. R.I.P P-Stone

Words and photo by Lui Aundrup

P-Stone, Fronside Boneless – Santa Ponsa Ditch – Mallorca, Spain

Konzert Zentrale

Mint Mind, Andalucia and Heim rocked the Zentrale in Münster a couple weeks ago.
Here´s some pics from a rad evening with some good music.
Thanks to the Zentrale team and the bands for a fun evening.
Photography by gerdrieger.com

Mint Mind on stage




Mind Mint in the Bailgun studio a few moments before the gig


Andalucia on stage




Andalucia right after the gig


Heim on stage




Heim just after the gig

Bailgun Issue #19 is online now.

Welcome to Bailgun issue #19
In this issue we´ll go roadtripping with a Colorado crew to skate
some Oregon concrete and check out the brand new Streetdome
skatepark in Harderslev Denmark and a cool DIY spot in northern
Next up we´ll visit some backyard pools in Denver and
finish this issue with an interview with up and coming ripper
Johannes Haist.
Enjoy issue #19


Hamburg Skate City

Hamburg has some rad concrete spots and is really worth a visit and if you´re lucky you might even session with Lester Kasai.
Spots to go: Rote Flora Bowl, Fruchtallee Bowl and the brand new IGS Snakerun and if you take a short drive north there´s the Neumünster Pool and a gnarly 3/4 Pipe from the 70´s.

Photography by Gerd Rieger and Axel Torschmied

Rote Flora overview


Dietsches with a thirsty frontside slash – cheers

Tim Boom, local shredder frontside air over the shallowend stairs at the Fruchtallee Bowl.

Tim has some gnarly tricks and lines at fruchtallee, fs rock on the hip


Eric Möller, has the Fruchtallee Bowl dialed, speedy lipslide over the shallow stairs.


On the way to the new IGSPark we made a quick stop at the legendary Wilhemsburg banks. Axel with a feeble.


Axel with a classic smith grind at the ISG Snakerun. This is a rad snakerun with lots of poolcoping and fun lines.

The only drawback might be the kinda high admission for the IGS. But all the other spots are free to skate.




New Bailgun Shirts

We printed some new Bailgun shirts today. Classic Bailgun logo in two colors –
Concrete and Dark Concrete. Shirts will be available from next week.
More cool stuff soon.

Bergfest 2012 is coming up – 21.07.2012!!!

The Bergfest 2012 is coming up really soon: 20-21.07.2012!!!
Don´t miss some of the top pros from Europe and the US and some noisy Bands.
More news and info here: bergfidel.com

Check this cool review of last years Bergfest

Robin Mentrup speedy lipslide in the Monster Bowl – Berg Fidel Skatepark

Vincent Goozen and Sergej Vutuc do some creative skating

Vincent Goozen builts and skates some concrete:

Sergej Vutuc – Something In Between – Dueren from Flo Schneider on Vimeo.
Something in Between exhibition/work in progress with performs
Leopold Hoesch Museum in Dueren, Germany
Skaters: Vincent Gootzen, Jo Gabler, Klaus-Dieter Span and others (not covered here).
Video: Florian Schneider / www.weloveyou-themovie.de

Sergej Vutuc – Something In Between – Dueren from Flo Schneider on Vimeo.

More Print – Confusion Magazine

Here´s another must read if you like DIY stuff, mags, skatespots etc.
Confusion Magazine was started by Jonathan Hay
former editor of Concussion Mag after Concussion was not continued.
Confusion Zine is truly international with it´s headquters in Köln, Germany but contend from around the world.
Confusion has a good mix of color and black and white pages some with cool photos and articles from Jonathan and the worlwide contributors.
The curred issue feature interviews with:Josh Mattson, Dave Nelson, Johannes Gabler, Craig Scott, Jimbo Phillips, Keith Meek and more.
Get your cpopy of Confusion Mag here