Zine check: Grip #1 and Humbug #3

GRIP ZINE comes from Dana Point Ca. and is done by Kristi Sanders with a lot of love for skateboarding.
Grip is diffrent than most zines because it has no photos but some cool illustrations telling little stories and
you can tell she put a lot of work into this zine so check it out if you can.
See GRIP ZINE online here




Humbug Zine is from Germany and features a lot of cool photos manly black and white with a few color pages thrown in the mix and some well written stories.
See HUMBUG ZINE online here




Brian Gaberman Photo Book Review

Check out this really nice photobook by Brian Gaberman.
A Life In Transition is a collection of some of his favorite photos taken over the last seven years while he was working working for Element Skateboards.
It´s beautifully crafted and features a selecttion of action shots and portraits, taken on different trips and adventures from all over the world.

You can get it here





I-Punkt Skateland the book

This is not brand new but still worth checking out because Arne Fiehl former editor in chief of
Boardstein Magazine and photographer Jonn Rübke did a really good job telling the story
of the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg from it´s beginings in 1990 till 2000.
There´s many funny and interessting stories from Tim Payne who built the bowl to the Death Box/Flip team causing some havoc…
Photographer Jonn Rübke captured everything from day one and dove deep into the archives to
show the most memorable images.
Order now before it´s sold out






DIY: Books – Zines

WÄREWOLF Zine send me theis current issue and it´s worth cheing out.
It´s done in true DIY style: photocopied, stapled, A6 format
Check out more about Wärewolf Zine on their blog

If you´re more into coffeetable books and photography this one might be for you.
Photographer Richard Gilligan did a book portraing concrete DIY projects all over the world with his very own perspective on the spot showing it in a unique and diffretn way then you would normally see those spots.
Here´s an interview with Richard where he talks about the book and more.

Not a Fashion Blog

This is not a fashion blog but as winter has finally arrived here´s a short review on a cool winter Jacked
for everyone who´s looking for comfortable, durable and good looking winter jackets check out some of this seasons Carhartt products. My favorite is the Sheffield Jacket

More Print – Confusion Magazine

Here´s another must read if you like DIY stuff, mags, skatespots etc.
Confusion Magazine was started by Jonathan Hay
former editor of Concussion Mag after Concussion was not continued.
Confusion Zine is truly international with it´s headquters in Köln, Germany but contend from around the world.
Confusion has a good mix of color and black and white pages some with cool photos and articles from Jonathan and the worlwide contributors.
The curred issue feature interviews with:Josh Mattson, Dave Nelson, Johannes Gabler, Craig Scott, Jimbo Phillips, Keith Meek and more.
Get your cpopy of Confusion Mag here

Zine Check – Skate Fate

If your´re interested in making zines and some skateboarding history this one is for you.

Featuring full-length interviews with skateboarding icons Neil Blender, Steve Caballero, Steve Claar, Bill Danforth, Claus Grabke, Jeff Grosso, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Marty Jimenez, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Corey O’Brien and Gavin O’Brien, Chris Miller, Stacy Peralta, Rob Roskopp, Billy Ruff, Skate Rat, John Smythe (Craig Stecyk), Tod Swank and Kevin Staab.
Add some really cool cartoons by Neil Blender, lots of photos by Grant Brittain and Tod Swank
and you have a great insight of skateboarding in the 80´s.

Check out and order your copy over at BLURB


Got this nice little speaker from Carhartt the other day. It´s small enough to fit in your bag while traveling to the next contest or session and will boost up the sound of your IPOD or IPHONE or any other mp3 device.
It´s not HIFI but it´ll do i the job listenling to your music without headphones and sharing it with the ohthers.

Made For Skate

Jürgen Blümlein of the Skateboardmuseum send me the brand new 2nd edition of the Made For Skate book.
The book shows the history of the skate shoe from the begining to today with great photos of well worn shoes and stories from world’s leading skateboarders past and present, including Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas, Pierre André Senizergues, Don Brown, Claus Grabke, Tim Gavin, Mike Vallely, Ed Templeton, Chad Muska, Arto Saari, Adrian Lopez and Paul Rodriguez, together with leading shoe designers and artists including James Arizumi (Nike SB), Brian Reid (Osiris), Jeremy Fish, Andy Howell and Todd Bratrud.
This is definitly worth checking out and also available for your ipod etc. but it´s much nicer to have real book in your hands of course.

Zine Thing

Got some cool zines recently that are worth checking out:

Plem Plem is a Zine from Sergej Vutuc who does a lot of art projects and collaborates with a
lot of national and international artists/skaters.
Plem Plem #3 features photos of Jonathan Hay, Nils Svenson, Marcel Veldman to name a few.

“On your own risk” features photos of the construction of the Skate and BMX Appartment in Heilbronn. There is a also a cool video.

Transit is a retrospective about the skatescene in east and west Berlin around ´89 /90.

Anzeige Berlin
is a cool zine that fits in your pocket or can be viewed online and features the Berlin skate scene.