Baustop – the builders mag

Baustop auszuegeOnce in a while you may have one of these dejà vu, thinking “wait a moment – have I skated this before?”. As this usually happens in component-built skateparks – Baustop happens to deal with the exact opposite: It is about custom skatepark building and it is about the people who build it. A dejà vu as the people involved are the guys that formally produced the famous German “Boardstein”-mag (RIP). And many of them are involved in custom skatepark design and building today, so they decided to do a proper builder mag – and here it is. Limited to 750 zines with 256 (!) A5 pages it is almost sold out so if you want to pick up your copy for a donation of 5 or or preferably more Euros you should get in touch with the right people.