New Books

There´s a couple new books out that are well worth taking a closer look

Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion
After their first book Made For Skate, Jürgen Blümlein from the Skateboardmuseum and Dirk Vogel
put out another gem with Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion. It took them years of research and interviewing people to put this one together. But this time was very well spend as the quality of the book shows. Even if you´re not into fashion this one has some great stories and insight behind the scenes of the industry from the 50’s to mid 80’s.
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Back in the Day

William Sharp and Ozzie Ausband spent a few years working on the Back in the Day book project and it came out really well. Do you really need another skate photo book from the 70’s? Well, maybe not, if you have one or the other of Friedman’s books or the Tracker or Independent books, you might think you have seen it all.
But this one is a bit different and shows a lot of photos and spots that haven’t been covered in the other books. It´s kind of the missing link, as William Sharps and Ozzie Ausband show a different approach then the other books and show a lot of people and spots that are not covered in the other publications. It´s rad to see rare footage from Shreddie Reapas, Jay Smith, Brad Bowman, Jeff Tatum and of course Tony Alva, Jay Adams and the rest of the Dog Town crew are also found shredding pools, parks and pipes.
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Brad Bowman

Shreddie Reapas


Same Old Magazine
Magazines are pretty much dead, nobody buys them anymore and the ones that are for free in the skateshops just colect dust and end up in the dustbin,
because even the editorial content is just a big advertisement by the companys who pay for it.
Same Old Magazine is different, it throws some old a new content in the mix and presents it with a rad layout.
This issue features lots of pics py Wynn Miller, Grant Brittain, a history of the legendary South Banks in London, fanletters and photos that were sent to Lucero in the 80’s and more great stuff. Check it out over here











Brian Gaberman Photo Book Review

Check out this really nice photobook by Brian Gaberman.
A Life In Transition is a collection of some of his favorite photos taken over the last seven years while he was working working for Element Skateboards.
It´s beautifully crafted and features a selecttion of action shots and portraits, taken on different trips and adventures from all over the world.

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I-Punkt Skateland the book

This is not brand new but still worth checking out because Arne Fiehl former editor in chief of
Boardstein Magazine and photographer Jonn Rübke did a really good job telling the story
of the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg from it´s beginings in 1990 till 2000.
There´s many funny and interessting stories from Tim Payne who built the bowl to the Death Box/Flip team causing some havoc…
Photographer Jonn Rübke captured everything from day one and dove deep into the archives to
show the most memorable images.
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The Bailgun Black Blog Collection book out NOW!!!

The Bailgun Black Blog Collection book is out now.
More that 250 pages of skate, portrait, still life, landscape and snapshots…..
Featured skaters are: Anders Tellen, Neil Blender, Jürgen Horrwarth,
Matt Grabowski, Natas Kaupas, Ben Krahn, Daniel Cardone, Renton Millar,
Bernt Jahnel, Trevor Ward, Sascha Müller and many more.
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Warren Bolster Book Review

This book is not new but still more than worth checking out
and looks pretty nice on your coffee table.
There´s some great pictures from the 70´s era of skating including pools, parks, pipes, slalom etc.
So if you´re interested in some history about skateboarding and skate photography this is for you.
More info about Warren Bolster

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Warren Bolster Book

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