Bergfest 2012 is coming up – 21.07.2012!!!

The Bergfest 2012 is coming up really soon: 20-21.07.2012!!!
Don´t miss some of the top pros from Europe and the US and some noisy Bands.
More news and info here:

Check this cool review of last years Bergfest

Robin Mentrup speedy lipslide in the Monster Bowl – Berg Fidel Skatepark

Bergfest 2011 footage

The Volcom Bergfest 2011 was a great sucsess, with great weather, lots of skaters from all over
Germany, Europe and even some U.S. contestants.
The great day ended with gigs by McRad and Duane Peters and the U.S. Bombs.
Check out the video and pics. More info here:

Ben Hatchell – stalefish – friday warmup session – 1st place

Robin Mentrup – indy air – contest day – 2nd place

Robbie Brockel – bs air – friday warmup session – 3rd place

Duane Peters and the U.S. Bombs



1. Ben Hatchell (21) Manassas, USA

2. Robin Mentrup (18) Münster, GER

3. Robbie Brockel (21) Phoenix, USA

4. Jarne Verbrüggen (18) Mechelen, BEL

5. Lennart Efsing (23) Düsseldorf, GER


1. Anders Tellen (42) Dortmund, GER

2. Thilo Nawrocki (38) Düsseldorf, GER

3. Jason Parkes (41) Kehl, GER

4. Matt Grabowski (35) Zadrau, GER

5. Tobias Springborn (37) Castrop, GER

6. Dave Toms (43) Malmö, SWE


Donald Campbell is throwing his “Best of Both” contest again.
To see some of last years action check out Bailgun issue 8.1
Don´t miss it.

hey all
we are so ready to host the 2nd anniversary of our “BEST OF BOTH” contest.
this is a 2 day contest in 2 bowls to determine the ultimate bowl/poolrider
the carhartt factory bowl and the omsa bowl are the benchmarks for the contestants.
we will have a big aftershow party on sat eve with 2 bands ?playing:electric eelshock-straight from the usa and torpedomonkeys coming from the depths
of the ruhrgebiet.
what you see on the flyer is only half of what the venue offers
the biggest privately run indoor toyland in europe is growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tim korbmacher of the carhartt store in düsseldorf is responsible for the 36 ft new megaminiramp and the nightmare ride.
both segments will be ready on contest day.
we do have a 3000 euro prize purse and we do have people who want to kick ass on both days.
expect visitors from all over europe and america to come for this event.
extra bonus contests will be the “SPEEDTRAP” for the fastest carve done in the nightmare ride

“HIGHEST AIR” slated to happen in the factory bowl which is freshly renovated with new tiles and a fresh,vibrant color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
both sie-events will be spectacular

please spread the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have any questions please mail back to this address or contact me directly:00491775141438

thanks to all who make this thing possible!

donald campbell
pavel skates

Ultra Bowl Pro Final – Malmö 2009 Part 1-3

Check out part 1-3 of some of the runs of the pro final at this years Ultra Bowl contest at Malmös Stapelbäddsparken with
Benji Galloway, Steven Reeves, Stu Reeves, Johnny Turgesen,
Kevin Wenzke, Tim Johnson.

Part 1

Ultra Bowl Pro Final – Malmö 2009 Part 1 from Bailgun Magazine on Vimeo.

Part 2

Ultra Bowl Pro Final – Malmö 2009 Part 2 from Bailgun Magazine on Vimeo.

Part 3

Ultra Bowl Pro Final – Malmö 2009 Part 3 from Bailgun Magazine on Vimeo.

Malmö Ultra Bowl coming up

The Ultra Bowl contest in Malmö is coming up for more infos check out the Bryggeriet website

Riders List:


Chris Hamilton, American Nomad, USA
Benji Galloway, Bacon, USA
Frank Faria, Bacon, USA
Tim Johnson, Bacon, USA
Kevin Kowalski, Bacon, USA
Johnny Turgersson, Bacon, USA
Josh “Screech” Sandoval, Addikt, USA
Karl Wilson UK
Ben Ramers UK
Aaron Sweeny UK
Stu Graham, Creature, Scotland
Benson, Vox, Death, Scotland
Octavio Neto, Brazil
Alex Giraud, Quiksilver, France
Julien Benoliel, France
Kevin Wenske, Quiksilver, Pavel, Germany
Thilo Nawroc, Germany
Elias Assmuth, Black River, Germany
Fabian Kutscha, Black River, Germany
Dennis Degenhardt, Germany
Börn Klotz, Pavel, Germany
Steven White, Bacon, Coyote, Stockholm
Leo Ström, Nord, Stockholm
Eddie Lindkvist, Stockholm
Phillip Nilsson, Coyote, Stockholm
Mattias Nyhlen, Krooked, Malmo
Per Magnusson, Nukem, Malmo
Andreas Lindstrom, Semester, Malmo
Marcus Olsson, Nukem, Malmo
Love Rydstern, Malmo
Fernando Bramsmark, Streetlab, Malmo
Oskar Gydell, Skaterbuilt, Hässleholm
Enrico Petralia, Vans, Concrete, Göteborg
Kalle Pool B, Slash It, Malmo
Robin Roos, Old Bastards, Trelleborg
Lars Monsen, Norway


Bill Danforth, Skullskates, USA
Ben Schroeder, Locomotive, USA
Mark Munson UK
Chris Lonergan, Scotland
Anders Tellen, Germany
Peter Dietsches, OMSA, Germany
Wolfgang Tooth, Germany
Jan Loften Stockholm, Coyote, Stockholm
Johnny Sandberg, Coyote, Stockholm
Simon Linell, Old Bastards, Malmo
Patrik Bergholtz, Halmstad
Patrik Evander, Semester, Malmo
Johan Berglind, Trelleborg
Martin Björk, Göteborg
Henrik Wadsten, Göteborg
Jean Lois Hutta, Nord, Stockholm
Mattias Svensson, Surfshopen, Halmstad
Will, San Pedro, USA