Bergfest 2012 – Jürgen Horrwarth wins

Jürgen Horrwarth shreds into first place pro at the Bergfest 2012 in Münster with tons of speed and style Jürgen shredded the Monster Bowl to pieces.

If you couldn´t make it to Münster or missed the live stream you can still watch the webcast over here

Last years winner Ben Hatchell took second place with a combination of difficult liptricks and high airs. Third place went to 13 year old Ivan Federics from Italy – look out for this yound gun in the future!

Renton Millar placed fourth with some nice ollies, head high frontside airs in the deep end and smashing madonnas to the coping.
Ben Schroeder supported the judge team with his years of experience.
More in the next Bailgun issue really soon. Stay tuned.

Jürgen Horrwarth grinds the corner in front of the massive crowd at the Bergfest

Renton Millar – trademark fs ollie

Ben Hatchell pops out of a front blunt

Pavel Deathrace winner Christian Krause lien to tail

The Adolescents rocked the stage to top of a great weekend at the Berg

Bergfest 2011 footage

The Volcom Bergfest 2011 was a great sucsess, with great weather, lots of skaters from all over
Germany, Europe and even some U.S. contestants.
The great day ended with gigs by McRad and Duane Peters and the U.S. Bombs.
Check out the video and pics. More info here:

Ben Hatchell – stalefish – friday warmup session – 1st place

Robin Mentrup – indy air – contest day – 2nd place

Robbie Brockel – bs air – friday warmup session – 3rd place

Duane Peters and the U.S. Bombs



1. Ben Hatchell (21) Manassas, USA

2. Robin Mentrup (18) Münster, GER

3. Robbie Brockel (21) Phoenix, USA

4. Jarne Verbrüggen (18) Mechelen, BEL

5. Lennart Efsing (23) Düsseldorf, GER


1. Anders Tellen (42) Dortmund, GER

2. Thilo Nawrocki (38) Düsseldorf, GER

3. Jason Parkes (41) Kehl, GER

4. Matt Grabowski (35) Zadrau, GER

5. Tobias Springborn (37) Castrop, GER

6. Dave Toms (43) Malmö, SWE