Malmö Ultra Bowl VI – Pt. 3

Sunday session at Bryggeriet
As it was raining all day on Sunday some vert hungry skaters were more than happy when John Magnusson opened up the Bryggeriet skatepark for a night session on the vert ramp.
– Riley Stevens was shredding hard on his first session on a vert ramp.
– Chris Russell did frontside hip-hop inverts… wow, try that, threw some eggs and did head high frontside airs.
– Willis Kimlbel was flying over the ramp with boned out bs airs and tall andrecht handplants.
– Tyler Edtmayer showed some high airs.
– Mark Scott caused some chaos.
– Alex Sorgente smashed the coping with his body jars.
– Björn Lillesoe had nice bonelesses.
– Neal Hendrix stalled inverts to fakie and blasted some high airs.
– Sean Goff did smith grinds, sweepers and laybackairs.
– John Magnusson dropped in a few times and just did perfect runs with a ton of tircks.

Thanks to John Magnusson for the great session and a fun weekend in Malmö.

Photography by

Riley Stevens – FSA.

Young Gun Tyler Edtmayer – bs air

Chris Russell – eggplant

Willis Kimbel – bs bone air

Malmö Ultra Bowl coming up

The Ultra Bowl contest in Malmö is coming up for more infos check out the Bryggeriet website

Riders List:


Chris Hamilton, American Nomad, USA
Benji Galloway, Bacon, USA
Frank Faria, Bacon, USA
Tim Johnson, Bacon, USA
Kevin Kowalski, Bacon, USA
Johnny Turgersson, Bacon, USA
Josh “Screech” Sandoval, Addikt, USA
Karl Wilson UK
Ben Ramers UK
Aaron Sweeny UK
Stu Graham, Creature, Scotland
Benson, Vox, Death, Scotland
Octavio Neto, Brazil
Alex Giraud, Quiksilver, France
Julien Benoliel, France
Kevin Wenske, Quiksilver, Pavel, Germany
Thilo Nawroc, Germany
Elias Assmuth, Black River, Germany
Fabian Kutscha, Black River, Germany
Dennis Degenhardt, Germany
Börn Klotz, Pavel, Germany
Steven White, Bacon, Coyote, Stockholm
Leo Ström, Nord, Stockholm
Eddie Lindkvist, Stockholm
Phillip Nilsson, Coyote, Stockholm
Mattias Nyhlen, Krooked, Malmo
Per Magnusson, Nukem, Malmo
Andreas Lindstrom, Semester, Malmo
Marcus Olsson, Nukem, Malmo
Love Rydstern, Malmo
Fernando Bramsmark, Streetlab, Malmo
Oskar Gydell, Skaterbuilt, Hässleholm
Enrico Petralia, Vans, Concrete, Göteborg
Kalle Pool B, Slash It, Malmo
Robin Roos, Old Bastards, Trelleborg
Lars Monsen, Norway


Bill Danforth, Skullskates, USA
Ben Schroeder, Locomotive, USA
Mark Munson UK
Chris Lonergan, Scotland
Anders Tellen, Germany
Peter Dietsches, OMSA, Germany
Wolfgang Tooth, Germany
Jan Loften Stockholm, Coyote, Stockholm
Johnny Sandberg, Coyote, Stockholm
Simon Linell, Old Bastards, Malmo
Patrik Bergholtz, Halmstad
Patrik Evander, Semester, Malmo
Johan Berglind, Trelleborg
Martin Björk, Göteborg
Henrik Wadsten, Göteborg
Jean Lois Hutta, Nord, Stockholm
Mattias Svensson, Surfshopen, Halmstad
Will, San Pedro, USA