R.I.P. Preston Maigetter

Preston Maigetter, probably better known as P-Stone to most, lost his life in a tragic car crash a few weeks ago and as he was filming all the rad skate action, he was behind the lens most of the time, although he was a all terrain shredder and it shows in the rare footage there is of him skating.
So we thought we´d show one of those rad shots of him skating that Lui Aundrup took.

And if you want to help out his family a little, here´s the link to his Go Fund Me site

Click here: www.gofundme.com/preston-maigetter-memorial-fund

I think it was fall/winter 2005 and we were checking some spots with Mallorca locals Tolo and Miki and Jose Noro and we met Preston at the Santa Ponsa ditch, I think he was the only one skating, so I took a couple pics, a bonelless and an ollie.
After the session we had some beers and shared some stories – good times. R.I.P P-Stone

Words and photo by Lui Aundrup

P-Stone, Fronside Boneless – Santa Ponsa Ditch – Mallorca, Spain

Zine check – Blk/Mark

I met Alberto Scattolin in Gexto last week at the Bowl-A-Rama contest and he handed me his zine Blk/Mark to check out.
This issue features the photography of Fabien Ponsero, Jay Delaney, Alberto Scattolin, Sergej Vutuc, Fred Ferand, Julian Furones and Kristijan Smok. It´s all black and white with a good mix of transition, DIY and street footage. It´s all done in nice quality and definitely worth checking out.
For more info or to get a copy check the Blk/Mark website or their FB


Alberto Scattolin

Fred Ferand

Jay Delaney

Zine Check

Here´s some cool zines to check out if can get ahold of them.

1st is New York based 43 Magazine it has some really good photography with some interesting writing that goes along with the photos and not to forget the cool 10 inch format. For more info go to their website

2nd zine is HUMBUG zine from Germany. It´s the standart A5 size but the photos and quality of photos and print is far from your average zine. For more info check their site


More Print – Confusion Magazine

Here´s another must read if you like DIY stuff, mags, skatespots etc.
Confusion Magazine was started by Jonathan Hay
former editor of Concussion Mag after Concussion was not continued.
Confusion Zine is truly international with it´s headquters in Köln, Germany but contend from around the world.
Confusion has a good mix of color and black and white pages some with cool photos and articles from Jonathan and the worlwide contributors.
The curred issue feature interviews with:Josh Mattson, Dave Nelson, Johannes Gabler, Craig Scott, Jimbo Phillips, Keith Meek and more.
Get your cpopy of Confusion Mag here

Zine Thing

Got some cool zines recently that are worth checking out:

Plem Plem is a Zine from Sergej Vutuc who does a lot of art projects and collaborates with a
lot of national and international artists/skaters.
Plem Plem #3 features photos of Jonathan Hay, Nils Svenson, Marcel Veldman to name a few.

“On your own risk” features photos of the construction of the Skate and BMX Appartment in Heilbronn. There is a also a cool video.

Transit is a retrospective about the skatescene in east and west Berlin around ´89 /90.

Anzeige Berlin
is a cool zine that fits in your pocket or can be viewed online and features the Berlin skate scene.