5th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Yesterday the 5th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in Costa Mesa.
with the following 2014 inductees:

1960s – Gregg Carroll
1970s Era One – Jim Muir
1970s Era Two – Steve Olson
1980s Era One – Lance Mountain
1980s Era Two – Natas Kaupas
1960s Women – Laurie Turner DeMott
1970s Women – Ellen Oneal Deason

It was a realy nice event with a lot of cool stories from the all the legends.
A good history lesson. And maybe we´ll see some European skaters getting an award someday…


Some historic stuff on display




Dave Hackett

Grant Brittain happy with his well deserved award

Steve Alba and Stan Hoffmans son introducing the Pipeline Skatepark

Stan Hoffmans son with award

Stan Hoffman and Grant Brittain

Fauso Vitello

Laurie Turner Demott

Gregg Carroll´s dauther read the speach her dad wrote for his induction before he passed away.

Ellan Oneal Deason

Ellan Oneal Deason happy with her award

Geln E. Friedman and CR Stecyck introducing Jim Muir

Jim Muir proudly holds his award

Steve Olson didn´t need his reading glasses he went for the shades instead

Dave is stoked for Olson

Lance Mountain friends from Skate City days John Lucero, Hagop Nagarian and Jeff Grosso
singing a song for Lance. Where´s Neil?

Lance Mountain and his award

Skip Engblom introducing Natas Kaupas

Natas and Skip

Thanks to Josh Friedberg, Erika Klein and Jim Gray.
More info about the Skateboarding Hall of Fame here

Made For Skate

Jürgen Blümlein of the Skateboardmuseum send me the brand new 2nd edition of the Made For Skate book.
The book shows the history of the skate shoe from the begining to today with great photos of well worn shoes and stories from world’s leading skateboarders past and present, including Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas, Pierre André Senizergues, Don Brown, Claus Grabke, Tim Gavin, Mike Vallely, Ed Templeton, Chad Muska, Arto Saari, Adrian Lopez and Paul Rodriguez, together with leading shoe designers and artists including James Arizumi (Nike SB), Brian Reid (Osiris), Jeremy Fish, Andy Howell and Todd Bratrud.
This is definitly worth checking out and also available for your ipod etc. but it´s much nicer to have real book in your hands of course.

The Bailgun Black Blog Collection book out NOW!!!

The Bailgun Black Blog Collection book is out now.
More that 250 pages of skate, portrait, still life, landscape and snapshots…..
Featured skaters are: Anders Tellen, Neil Blender, Jürgen Horrwarth,
Matt Grabowski, Natas Kaupas, Ben Krahn, Daniel Cardone, Renton Millar,
Bernt Jahnel, Trevor Ward, Sascha Müller and many more.
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