Bergfest 2016

Bergfest 2016

This years Bergfest was a small one, just a relexed session with friends
on a nice and sunny Sunday just before Winter is kicking in the not too distant future.
Some people were wondering why there wasn´t a fully scale Bergfest, well if you´ve ever organized an event the answer is easy,
it´s a whole lotta work and sometimes there needs to be a little break to make future plans.
So stay tuned for next year and enjoy the photos from last weekend.

Koloss in pink, Markus Koch with a classic stand up grind.


OMSA rider Tony was ripping some smith grinds.


Local shredder Tom, perfect front feeble through the corner.


Sunny Sunday

Baustop – the builders mag

Baustop auszuegeOnce in a while you may have one of these dejà vu, thinking “wait a moment – have I skated this before?”. As this usually happens in component-built skateparks – Baustop happens to deal with the exact opposite: It is about custom skatepark building and it is about the people who build it. A dejà vu as the people involved are the guys that formally produced the famous German “Boardstein”-mag (RIP). And many of them are involved in custom skatepark design and building today, so they decided to do a proper builder mag – and here it is. Limited to 750 zines with 256 (!) A5 pages it is almost sold out so if you want to pick up your copy for a donation of 5 or or preferably more Euros you should get in touch with the right people.

Issue #18 online now!!!

Check out Bailgun issue #18 just click below:

Welcome to Bailgun issue #18 In this issue we´ll do some more traveling. On the list is Mexico with Steven Bailey and Brandon Perelson, spotchecks from Denver and Seattle, contest reviews from Malmö, Sweden and Getxo, Basque Country, interviews with the Creepy Creeps from San Diego, Zach Cusano from Denver and Jürgen Horrwarth pro skater and co owner of Örly Cafe in Berlin.
Enjoy issue #18

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-19 um 18.14.52

Skateboard Herzblut Photo Exibition Düsseldorf

SBHerzblut_webflyer01Skateboard Herzblut – not a motto from a random marketing department. More a try to put a feeling in words that some old skateboarders may experience after many years on board. Being on road trips with friends, seeking for new spots or may be just cruising down the street in the local town. Many of the ones that started in the 70’s and 80’s kept skating on while beginning a “established” life in parallel – which often lead to contradicting but quite welcome contrasts in their lives. Others got themselves actively involved, contributing and forming todays scene by establishing skateboarding companies, building skateparks, founding skate mags or doing graphic design, producing movies or making photos. Axel Torschmied’s photos show skateboarding, skateboarders and spots from Spain to Sweden trying to tell some of these anecdotes.

Vernissage and Video Premiere:
09.08.2013 ab 18:00
in damenundherren e.V.
Oberbilker Allee 35 40215 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: during regular opening hours and upon appointment.