ISSUE #11 is out NOW!

Bailgun Magazine Issue #11 is out now!
This issues features a trip to Belgium including a few questions to Kevin Wenzke,
a NOFX in gig, Tony Hawk and Friends in Berlin, an interview with Alexander Luxart and more.
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Your Bailgun Team.

Malmö Bowlrider results 2008

Quiksilver Bowlriders 2008 Results :

Rune 1st Malmö Bowlriders 2008

2nd Aaron HOMOKI (USA)
3rd Benji GALLOWAY (USA)
4st Andy SCOTT (UK)
5st Ross MCGOURAN (UK)
6st Mathias NYLEN (SWE)

Nicky 1st Malmö Bowlriders 2008
Master of Legends Contest :

1st Nicky GUERRERO (DEN)
2nd Chris MILLER (USA)
3rd Pat NGOHO (USA)
4st Christian HOSOI (USA)
5st Resee SIMPSON (USA)

Benji Galloway grinds the kindney pool at the Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö.

Quiksilver Bowlriders Final 2008

The Quiksilver Bowlriders Final 2008 is coming up this weekend.
Make sure to check it out here or here
As ervery year there´s some realy good riders showing up.

Pro: Alain Goikoetxea (Spa), Jurgen Horrwarth (Ger), Andy Scott (Uk),
Benji Galloway (Usa), Chris Senn (Usa), Daniel Cardone (Ita),
Dennis Busenitz (Usa), Nicky Guerrero (Den), Ross Mc Gouran (Uk),
Rune Glifberg (Den)

Masters: Chris Miller (Usa), Christian Hosoi (Usa), Dave Duncan (Usa),
Pat Ngoho (Usa), Sasha Steinhorst (Usa), Lester Kasai (Usa),
Sergie Ventura (Usa), Reese Simpson (Usa), Hans Göthberg (Swe)
just to name a few.

Alex Giraud, lien air, Malmö 2007.