Denver – One Gathering contest

For the past few years, the Stronghold Society has been hosting the One Gathering – Skate for Life event at the downtown Denver Park. Not only is this event significant for its root cause: to bring skateboarders and enthusiasts of varied backgrounds together from Colorado and neighboring states, and to draw attention to Denver’s historical ‘D’ Park. People of all ages and all walks of life head down to the skatepark to enjoy a beautiful day in the amazing weather. The event is extremely unique because it is blessed by the Native American tribes of South Dakota and also hosts some of the Tribes’ best skateboarders!

Here are some of the highlights…I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

Photos and text: Kim Cook

Geoff – tailblock

Derek Scott – backside blast

Mickey and Deb

Zach Cusano – bean to fakie – Photo by beaker

Lee Wilson – Monty grind

Bryce Stark – high stalefish

Kathrine Reese – ankle bender fakie

Lindsey and Terell