BANDSALAT featuring Randy Holden


Hello Dear readership. This is the second installment of “Bandsalat”, courtesy of Bailgun. And today we’re bringing you some serious “Stoner Rock”! Randy Holden! It really doesn’t get much heavier than this as far as guitar gnarlers go. One of the first bands he was in was “The Fender IV” who did this burly rendition of
“Mar Gaya”, a ripping surf guitar instrumental. He went on to play in a bunch of other bands after that, but it wasn’t until he joined Blue Cheer, maybe the first Heavy Metal band, that he really started to stretch his stoner wings. In 1969 he formed a band with one other guy and called it “Population 2” as it was just the two of them. The record is nearly impossible to to find even on CD, but if you’re into Stoner Rock or heavy duty guitars then you might want to give it a shot. Until next time, this is Bandsalat saying “Get stoned”!

Bandsalat featuring the Gears


Howdy folks, this is the first installment of Bailgun’s “Bandsalat”.
You’ll hear music from pretty much anywhere, from any era and from any genre. Wildly eclectic in other words. We’re going to try to stay away from stuff that everyone already knows about and turn you on to the exotic,
the rare, the forgotten, the far-flung and, yes even the brutal.
So to start with, here’s the one and only album by The Gears, from Huntington Beach, California.

Recorded in 1980, it sounds kind of like a punk record by the Beach Boys, but with some Rockabilly and Blues thrown in. This is the only album they recorded, but it’s a great one. They’ve been playing live around Southern California again lately, so if you get the chance to see them, you should do so.
Until next time, this is Bandsalat, saying “So Long”.