Zine check – Blk/Mark

I met Alberto Scattolin in Gexto last week at the Bowl-A-Rama contest and he handed me his zine Blk/Mark to check out.
This issue features the photography of Fabien Ponsero, Jay Delaney, Alberto Scattolin, Sergej Vutuc, Fred Ferand, Julian Furones and Kristijan Smok. It´s all black and white with a good mix of transition, DIY and street footage. It´s all done in nice quality and definitely worth checking out.
For more info or to get a copy check the Blk/Mark website or their FB


Alberto Scattolin

Fred Ferand

Jay Delaney

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-5

Saturday 2014.09.06 – Day 6 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014

Contest day was going off. The energy and the level of skating had been building up all week and it got even more intense on Saturday.
When we got to La Kantera at about 8 in the morning there was aready a line of people wating to get the best places in the bleachers. And a couple hours later when the contest started the area around the pool and the hill facing the skatepark was packed with spectators. This definitely was one of the best contests this year, with a rad spot, sunny weather, BBQs, tapas, beers, vine and some super nice people in the Bask Country.


The Masters

Wolfgangster graps his nose on this frontside grind over the deathbox. He had the best time in Getxo shredding with all the masters from around the globe and enjoying some tapas and a few beers after the sessions.

Sean Goff – 50/50. He also did his trademark Toddtwists, frontside rocks and sweepers.

Salba doing what he does best, shredding the pool with hard lines and throwing slob airs, tailsides and nosegrinds in the mix.

Jean Terrisse took the Eurolines bus from Marseille and shredded the pool coming straight from from the overnight bus ride.

Pat Ngoho – style and lines with a good mix of tricks like this loooong boardslides, backside airs, fast plants and monty grinds.


Bask ripper Ian Campbell shredded the pool with hard tricks like this frontside baordslide, front feebles, backside airs, disasters and then some.

Daniel Cuervo – high solb air. Daniel was flying all over the pool all week with his slop airs and airs to fakie and inverts to fakie.

Cory Juneau skates fast and solid with tons of style and good bag of tricks like this egg plant.

Filipe Foguinho – super high stalefish. He also smashed some disasters, lien to tails and body jars and did rad inverts.

Sky Siljeg – one foot air. Sky had the crowd on their feet with his attack of the pool. Creative lines, high speed and always on edges, definitely a crowd favorite.

Danny Leon was all over the pool and made good use of the shallow and deepend with a deep bag of tricks.

Alex Sorgente skates rock solid and did some of the loudest and highest body jars and madonnas mixed with rad lines and tricks.

Pedro Barros was going off. He skated with speed, power and on the egde at all times making it exiting to watch. He did front blunts on the hip of the shallowend, high indy airs, bs stalefishes, boneless ones and liptricks like this a switch 50/50.

Raven Tershy was not in the contest but joined the after contest best trick session with some shoeless skating. FSA over the ladder.
See you next year.

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-4

Friday 2014.09.05 – Day 5 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014

Pre contest day was another hot day at the beach so Chris Russell took it easy and did a couple warm-up runs in the half pipe as everybody was waiting for the paint to dry in the pool. Shoeless fronside invert.

Local Alain Goikoetxea has the lines and tricks. Stalefish

Cory Juneau is on fire. He´s been ripping La Kantera with speed and style. Monty grind.

Sky Siljeg combines unique lines and tricks with speed and stlyle. Invert.

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-3

Thursday 2014.09.04 –Day 4 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014

On Thursday not only the kidney pool was sessioned heavily but the concrete halfpipe also got it´s share of good use.

Overview: Alex Sorgente – tailslide on the hip

Danny Leon – body jar

Giorgio Zattoni – floats an backside ollie

Chris Russell – FSA

Omar Hassan – lien to tail

Murilo Perez – backside air

Filipe Foguinho – frontside boardslide

No post without a grind fom a pool contest. Ian Campbell – smith grind

Cory Juneau – goes high on this FSA into the dark sky above the La Kantera kidney pool.

Peace – artwork by Txus

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-2

Wednesday 2014.09.03 -Day 3 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014

The sessions are heating up as we get closer to conest day. The Brazilian crew was killing it, Salba had the lines wired on his first day, Chris Russell smashed some desasters, Rune Gifberg and Giorgio Zattoni were getting their first runs in, Sky Siljeg had crazy lines all over the pool, Cory Juneau was flying head high on his frontside airs and tried a a few 540°s, Alain Goikoetxea showed his local lines and with boardslides around the whole shallow end, high frontside airs, monty grinds, inverts and more.
Livestream is on on Saturday if you can´t make it to the La Kantera pool in Getxo.

Salba – tailslide

Rune Glifberg – smith grind

Omar Hassan – lipslide

Sky Siljeg – grind

Pedro Barros – stalefish higher than most

Huge crowd

Thanks for all the fish

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-1

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014

So after a little adventure with Air France that included a longer than planned stop at the world famous Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It´s maybe not as bad as it may look but it´s pretty bad and if you can, just do yourself a favor and avoid it.

Arriving in Bilbao we were greeted with hot and sunny weather – perfect! Got the rental, checked in the bed and breakfast and made it to the La Kantera skatepark by late afternoon.
Some US pool shredders like Raven Tershy, Grant Taylor, Peter Hewitt, Raney were already at the park sessioning with Alain Goikoetxea, Danny Leon and some local rippers.
So after Mondays mellow session more and more skaters showed up on Tuesday and the sessions started to heat up and it´s gonna get better each day till the finals on Saturday.

Make sure to not miss this one! If you can´t make it to the La Kanterea skatepark do not miss the live stream on Saturday.
More info, riders list etc. click here

La Kanterea overview

Monday session:

Alain Goikoetxea – lipslide

Danny Leon – bs air to noseblunt

Grant Taylor – ollie to truck, not too bad for a telephone photo.

Tuesday session:

Daniel Cuervo – one foot invert to fakie

Chris Russell – grind to tailslide

Cory Juneau – nose grind

Malmö Ultra Bowl VI – Pt. 3

Sunday session at Bryggeriet
As it was raining all day on Sunday some vert hungry skaters were more than happy when John Magnusson opened up the Bryggeriet skatepark for a night session on the vert ramp.
– Riley Stevens was shredding hard on his first session on a vert ramp.
– Chris Russell did frontside hip-hop inverts… wow, try that, threw some eggs and did head high frontside airs.
– Willis Kimlbel was flying over the ramp with boned out bs airs and tall andrecht handplants.
– Tyler Edtmayer showed some high airs.
– Mark Scott caused some chaos.
– Alex Sorgente smashed the coping with his body jars.
– Björn Lillesoe had nice bonelesses.
– Neal Hendrix stalled inverts to fakie and blasted some high airs.
– Sean Goff did smith grinds, sweepers and laybackairs.
– John Magnusson dropped in a few times and just did perfect runs with a ton of tircks.

Thanks to John Magnusson for the great session and a fun weekend in Malmö.

Photography by gerdrieger.com

Riley Stevens – FSA.

Young Gun Tyler Edtmayer – bs air

Chris Russell – eggplant

Willis Kimbel – bs bone air

BANDSALAT featuring Randy Holden


Hello Dear readership. This is the second installment of “Bandsalat”, courtesy of Bailgun. And today we’re bringing you some serious “Stoner Rock”! Randy Holden! It really doesn’t get much heavier than this as far as guitar gnarlers go. One of the first bands he was in was “The Fender IV” who did this burly rendition of
“Mar Gaya”, a ripping surf guitar instrumental. He went on to play in a bunch of other bands after that, but it wasn’t until he joined Blue Cheer, maybe the first Heavy Metal band, that he really started to stretch his stoner wings. In 1969 he formed a band with one other guy and called it “Population 2” as it was just the two of them. The record is nearly impossible to to find even on CD, but if you’re into Stoner Rock or heavy duty guitars then you might want to give it a shot. Until next time, this is Bandsalat saying “Get stoned”!

Volcom Bergfest #6 – 2014


On the 25th anniversary of the construction of Berg Fidel skatepark, a 13 year old deconstructed our preconception of how to skate. The Volcom Bergfest 2014 was jam-packed with action, entertainment (ie. Bands such as Svffer), and best of all: high quality skateboarding.
First place went to Tyler Edtmayer, best illustrated during his finals introduction run. This run would have made any seasoned pro totally psyched. He bailed in his first trick, got back up and proceeded to skate at least a full minute in which he landed nearly every trick he ever learned.
Second place went to Kevin Wenzke with giant fs airs and padless eggplants in the deepend. He is so fun to watch skate. Third place and honorable mention goes to Johannes Haist. In qualifiers, he skated his best, EVER, and landed in one run airs of every sort, -padless, btw- inverts, and crailslide-reverts in the deepend.
Special thanks goes out to Volcom, Koloss Skateboards, Rebel Rockers Garage, RIP, Stan, and all of the sponsors.

Photos: Gerd Rieger Text: Lenore Sparks

Kevin Wenzke – head high frontside air into 2nd place.

Tyler Edmayer – backside boneless. He also did 540´s high backside airs and had the longest runs with a ton of tricks to shred into 1st place.

Johannes Haist – 3rd place – lein to tail

The judges: Wolf, Wolfganster ,Toni, Janne, Lenore

Tim Bjisterveld was hurt but had a good time anyway.

Tim Turudija – huge frontside air

Friedrich was skating on edge at all times – lipslide

The Dirty Fences were rocking the stage to end a rad day of skating.

Winners Junior: Christian Müller – Timo Krone – Tim Turudija

Winners A Group: Kevin Wenzke – Tyler Edmyer – Johannes Haist
See you next year.

Hot Session at the Beeble Bowl

Hot Sunday session at the Beeble Bowl – it was seriously HOT with tempretures in the 100°s Fahrenheit or 40° Celsius or whaterver scale you wanna use – HOOOT.
The Beeble Bowl is brand new, it was finished just a couple month ago
and the decks still have to be poured.
The bowl is pretty much perfect and is located in the backyard of the Bibelheimers.
Thanks Erik and Andrea for building this rad bowl and for the hot session.

Kat Folsom was shredding all day – Tucked frontside air

Ffej Hedges – invert in the deepend

Morris Wainwright – carve grind – I met Morris ca. 25 years ago when he and his brother Brian were traveling Eurpope and stoped by in Münster for some shredding. Stoked to meet and skate with him again.

John Worthington – up and coming ripper with a frontside ollie

Eric Bibelheimer – he owns this bowl and he has the tricks and lines – lipslide

Vans Pool Party 2014

Vans Pool Party 2014:

Some crazy skating last weekend at the VANS POOL PARTY 2014 and some surprizes too.
The kids were on fire and totally taking over the Pro division, wow who would have thought that before the contest? The likes of Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan, Giorgio Zattoni did not make it into the finals… amazing. Here´s some pics from the weekend more will follow in the next Bailgun issue coming soon!

Chris Miller 1st Place legends – when Miller stays on on his runs he is pretty much unbeatable at the Combi.

Hosoi 3rd place legends – Christian had good lines some high bs airs in the corner pocket of the square, floted bs ollies in the round with one of the best styles in skateboarding.

Eric Nash – he had some rad and solid runs but didn´t quite make it to the podium, he threw some high indy airs, inverts, egg plants, corner smith grinds and acid drops into the square.

Brian Patch 2nd place Masters – Patch was shredding with fast lines loooong grinds, high airs stalled inverts and good lines.

Tristan Rennie 1st place Pro – had a million tricks and lines and combined that to some winning runs.
Divebombing and indy air.

Josh Rodriguez 2nd place Pro – he shredded the whole combi with speed, style, tricks and lines. Eggplant 360, fs bluntslide around the corner, front feeles around the corner, high airs and then some. Lien air.

Josh Borden – smith grinding the round but also had a Mc Twist and Andrecht to fakie and some great lines.
Smit grind

Tom Schaar was blasting high air all over he combi and also threw in some 540´s and 720´s. Stalefich corner.

Pedro Barros did not make the finals…wow. But he still blasted some of the hiest airs – stalefish

Chris Russel didn´t make the finals but he was shredding hard, he´s fast and has a rad bag of tricks with frontside boneless to frontside invert or fs boneless desaster about head high just being two gnarly ones.
This might look like your basic corner grind, but he´s going faster that most doing it.

5th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Yesterday the 5th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in Costa Mesa.
with the following 2014 inductees:

1960s – Gregg Carroll
1970s Era One – Jim Muir
1970s Era Two – Steve Olson
1980s Era One – Lance Mountain
1980s Era Two – Natas Kaupas
1960s Women – Laurie Turner DeMott
1970s Women – Ellen Oneal Deason

It was a realy nice event with a lot of cool stories from the all the legends.
A good history lesson. And maybe we´ll see some European skaters getting an award someday…


Some historic stuff on display




Dave Hackett

Grant Brittain happy with his well deserved award

Steve Alba and Stan Hoffmans son introducing the Pipeline Skatepark

Stan Hoffmans son with award

Stan Hoffman and Grant Brittain

Fauso Vitello

Laurie Turner Demott

Gregg Carroll´s dauther read the speach her dad wrote for his induction before he passed away.

Ellan Oneal Deason

Ellan Oneal Deason happy with her award

Geln E. Friedman and CR Stecyck introducing Jim Muir

Jim Muir proudly holds his award

Steve Olson didn´t need his reading glasses he went for the shades instead

Dave is stoked for Olson

Lance Mountain friends from Skate City days John Lucero, Hagop Nagarian and Jeff Grosso
singing a song for Lance. Where´s Neil?

Lance Mountain and his award

Skip Engblom introducing Natas Kaupas

Natas and Skip

Thanks to Josh Friedberg, Erika Klein and Jim Gray.
More info about the Skateboarding Hall of Fame here

Grant Brittain and Dave Swift Photo Exhibition

If you missed the opening of Avocado Bowl VIP Art Show and Fund Raiser photo exhibition in Fallbrook at the Fallbrook Brewing Company
you still have a chance to the see great photos from Grant Brittain and Dave Swift and even buy an iconic image and support the Avocado Bowl project in Fallbrook.
More info over at THE SKATEBOARD MAG

The Fallbrook Brewing Company a really nice place for the exhibition and they some really good beer there!

See the photo on the left – Mark Gonzales with a big madonna Fallbrook ramp 1989

Some concepts for the Avocado Bowl and Chris Miller with an Andrecht invert on the right.

Beers and Mags


Old Transworld Mags with some more photos from the Fallbrook area.

Z-Flex goes to the lucky winner of the raffel ticket.

Grant Brittain and Dave Swift with mystery guest of the evening.

Bill Billing at the Avo Bowl – 1982


Grant Brittain with a rad backside air of Steve Claar

Bailgun Mag issue #16 online now

Welcome to Bailgun issue #16,
this issue features
– the 5th annual Bergfest at the Berg Fidel skatepark
– the Malmö Ultra Bowl contest
– the Skateboard Herzblut photo exhibition by Axel Torschmied
– the Koloss and friends tour to Belgium
– the Best Of Both contest in Düsseldorf.
– our friend Txus from Spain finishes off this issue with some thoughs
about a slam he had in Copenhagen after the Ultra Bowl in Malmö.

Enjoy issue #16

Cover Bailgun issue 16

Skateboard Herzblut Photo Exibition Düsseldorf

SBHerzblut_webflyer01Skateboard Herzblut – not a motto from a random marketing department. More a try to put a feeling in words that some old skateboarders may experience after many years on board. Being on road trips with friends, seeking for new spots or may be just cruising down the street in the local town. Many of the ones that started in the 70’s and 80’s kept skating on while beginning a “established” life in parallel – which often lead to contradicting but quite welcome contrasts in their lives. Others got themselves actively involved, contributing and forming todays scene by establishing skateboarding companies, building skateparks, founding skate mags or doing graphic design, producing movies or making photos. Axel Torschmied’s photos show skateboarding, skateboarders and spots from Spain to Sweden trying to tell some of these anecdotes.

Vernissage and Video Premiere:
09.08.2013 ab 18:00
in damenundherren e.V.
Oberbilker Allee 35 40215 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: during regular opening hours and upon appointment.