GRIND that shitty Covid down!!!

Grind the shitty Covid down in Dülmen

As a lot of sessions we were looking forward to this year were canceled due to Covid-19. Wolfganster decided to have at least a small session with friends at the Dülmen Skatepark near Münster. Read what Wolfgang says about the fun day with a lot of skating, BBQ and a few beers. Cheers, Gerd

Wolfganster grinding the corner of the deepend.

2020 what a year? How long I will hold 2020 in mind? For me hopefully not to long, a year to forget fast.
But only the contest-session in Dülmen I wont forget. Mostly of 2020 we had the lockdown, no skateboarding possible everywhere, sitting at home becoming a couch potato. Who had not depressing feelings too? All skateboard contests and events were canceled. How was my heart bleeding because no Vert Attack in Sweden, no Getxo contest in September and many more good events are canceled.
What a big shithole!

Before the fun there´s some work. Wolfganster and his famous shoes prepairing the pool for some shredding.

So I got the idea for the Dülmen event back at the first day of the lockdown, when I had a session with Philip Böck and the crew in the early summer. As the Dülmen Bowl is my favorite spot we decited to have at least one Skateboard Brotherhood session in 2020. The only dark thing was to hope we dont fall in a second covid wave or rainstorm or anything bad at our date to Rock n’ Roll.

Dieter Fronius , lien to tail on the facewall of the square deepend.

So I asked some very cool Skateboard sponsorst to help us:
Skateboard-Ing-direct shop/ Urban supplies
Koloss Skateboards/Blackheaven shop
Mantis Skateshop/Richie Löffler
Because real Skateboarders always need some stuff, THX a lot for that
Warm up was at Friday with the locals, also with at least 10 girls who shredds the Bowl, with a good session.

Ledgends, Peter Diepes, Mr. OMSA and the Wolfgaster

On Saturday it was raining till noon, maybe a reason that some guys from further away did not come? But at 1pm the summer was back and a lot of skateboarders were ready to GRIND It Down. The bowl was melting hot till around 3pm and then the rain was back. But only wet for 45 minutes. And then the session was even more intense .

Martin Broich, always on edge! Hip grind.

We where around 30 skateboarders fully in the mood to Grind It Down. Our biggest hero was Anders who showed us how to shred a pool. The other one, evereybody asks me who is this cool cat, was Dieter Fronius from Home of the Spätzle, with some very nice airs and lien to tails and more! Followed by Martin Broich, almost a local here with rad high speed grinds, indy airs and nose pics. And a special price went to Lenny from Senden, a 11 year old, for ripping all day with very cool 50:50 lines and more. So I could list all the 30 rippers…………………but the most important thing for all of us was the fun of it, and it was BIG FUN!!!

Happy faces everywhere. Wolfganster and Markus Sarach.

As it was getting later and the hunger and thirst for beer pops up we start with free BBQ and free drinking. But a little later, our Polizei shows up. We saw them standing in the streetarea wondering about all the these „older“ dudes at the bowl, wondering how to handle that. Then they told us quiet friendly about the well known rules for this public skatepark. No BBQ, fire and alcohol. As the session and BBQ was almost done anyways, we told them thats OK and left. The police then wished us a good night.

Well known for his grinds one laste one from Wolfgang. See you!

Anyway we had a real great private afterparty with fire and firewater.
So yall GRIND that Shitty Covid Down on all your roads, cu yall again for Contest in Dülmen 2021 – Wolfganster